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Pokemon: Battle Scars

Haruka has wanted to become a pokemon trainer since she was a child, but unfortunately, issues at home kept her from realizing that dream. Instead she helps keep her widowed mother sane and cheers for her older brother Daisuke from afar as he tries to become a famous pokemon trainer himself. Suddenly, Daisuke returns home with shocking news; he's given up being a pokemon trainer and offers to care for his mother in place of Haruka so she can pursue her own dream. And so, at age 16, Haruka's own pokemon adventure begins! But will she stick to her new path or will the hard life of a trainer away from home prove too hard for her? Will she too give up her dream and return home? Story will contain: Adventure, action, romance, drama, tragedy.


Hiatus - Going out of townnnnn~

Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone will even notice this news announcement...
But just in case...
I'm minutes away from leaving for Mexico. I'm gonna be away for almost 3 weeks, and without internet access :c
So yeah, I won't be able to update until I return.
I'll be drawing pages while away, so when I return you'll get updates for sure~ c:

Also just in case... if you don't hear from me after like, the first week of April... something went wrong and I died or something... seriously...
HOPEFULLY THAT WON'T HAPPEN BUT... you never know, haha...
Yep, just wanted to let y'all know~
See y'all when (if) I get back C:

posted by Shishi Beru @ March 9th, 2012, 5:23 pm  -  0 comments

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